I came to Eastern Washington nearly 40 years ago, choosing to raise my family here, earn my education here, and to serve our community as a nurse.  I attended Spokane Community College for my Licensed Practical Nurse degree, then attended Washington State University Spokane for my Bachelor’s and Master's degrees, and am a Nationally Certified Family Nurse Practitioner.


I have been helping people throughout Eastern Washington for over 30 years. I spent 5 years caring for vulnerable adults at Eastern State Hospital, 19 years working as a Registered Nurse in the Intensive Care Unit at Valley Hospital Medical Center, and have spent the last 11 years in primary care as a Nurse Practitioner in Spokane Valley. In addition to my professional role, I volunteer for organizations that help people struggling with hunger and homelessness. I have dedicated my life to serving our community.  


I have had the honor of caring for thousands of people, oftentimes when they were at their most vulnerable. Never have I asked anyone about their religious or spiritual beliefs, their immigration status, their sexual orientation, or their political affiliation as a condition of my compassion.


Despite the divide we’re seeing in politics right now, our residents of the 4th Legislative District share many of the same needs, hopes, and core values. We value our families and our need to keep them safe and healthy. We value opportunity and hard work as we each try to forge our own path to prosperity. We share the hope to be able to retire with security and dignity when we’re ready. We value the freedoms we have as Americans, and our veterans who have fought to defend them.

Quality of life for our community can’t be achieved by giving in to extremism, fringe political ideology, or personal agendas. We have too much to accomplish, and we need an effective representative who will focus on our needs here in Eastern Washington, not stand in the way of getting real work done for the community we love. 


We deserve a representative who is thoughtful and balanced, who will maintain their moral integrity while listening and working collaboratively with those of differing experiences, perspectives, and priorities. I lead with integrity, and I believe in the Golden rule. I am running for office because I believe we deserve better. It’s time to have a representative that we can count on. I am committed to representing the unique needs and common values of our community.

I would be honored to earn your vote.

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