We must move to a better system where health care accessibility and affordability are guaranteed. I’ve spent my entire professional career in health care, taking care of people as a Registered Nurse and Advanced Registered Nurse Practitioner.  Whether you live in rural Eastern Washington or in the heart of the Valley, we have all been personally affected or know someone who has been affected by a healthcare condition, and then suffered the additional devastation of healthcare costs that are out of control.


We have opportunities to make positive impacts on the health of our residents. I will make lowering the costs of prescription drugs a top priority, and will work to make it easier to import cheaper drugs from Canada and make generic drugs more accessible. I’m particularly concerned about the high cost of insulin for families here in Eastern Washington, and will work to hold drug companies accountable when they try to gouge Washingtonians who rely on prescriptions in order to survive.


I will take a smart public health approach to the opioid crisis, correct healthcare disparities at their source, take a stand against big pharma, advocate for patient rights, and support efforts to address healthcare access and the shortage of healthcare providers in our region. We can make positive changes now, while creating long-term solutions for generations to come.  


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