I'm deeply concerned about the COVID-19 virus and the economic impact it is going to have on our state and region. Service workers, health care, education, transportation, agricultural, manufacturing, trade, food services -- I cannot think of anyone who won’t be deeply affected. 


As an elected official, keeping our economy safe and secure is a top priority. I will work on legislation to help businesses rebuild, and use my healthcare experience to help our communities to prepare and respond to future emergencies.


The 4th Legislative District includes Spokane Valley, Liberty Lake, Otis Orchards, Newman Lake, Millwood, Greenacres, Greenbluff, parts of Colbert and Mead, and everywhere in between. Each unique area in our district has different economic priorities, and makes different economic contributions to our region and our state. 


Your state Representative has a duty to be receptive to the needs of the entire district, and to legislate responsibly on issues that create a balanced approach to economic security for all.  


Our District is a beacon of economic potential. We must work with local and state leaders to ensure living wages, workforce education, and an Eastern Washington that attracts job-creating industries and welcomes innovative, diverse businesses who will regard our district as a welcoming place to grow and thrive.


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