From early learning and K-12, to public universities, community colleges, and technical colleges, high-quality education for people of every age and ability is their key to success and opportunity. Who you are or what ZIP code you’re from shouldn’t dictate what kind of education and training you get.

I’ll work to ensure that our public K-12 schools are fairly funded to provide our valued educators with the tools they need to successfully prepare our children for their futures. 

Schools are institutions of learning, discovery, and growth. To achieve the full potential of education, schools must also be safe. This requires us to implement truly meaningful strategies including recruitment, education, and retention of school-based pediatric mental health and counseling professionals and nurses.

There are many educational paths to good-paying jobs and fulfilling careers. Not every student has their sights set on a traditional college education. I’ll work to increase access to career and job training programs and apprenticeships. Apprenticeships, trade, technical, and secondary schools are essential for building and sustaining a skilled work force and preparing our community for more economic opportunities. 

Reducing the burden of crippling student loan debt is good for students, parents, business, and our economy.  


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