The importance of cost-effective infrastructure for our district cannot be overstated. Transportation improvements such as the Pines Road/BNSF and Barker Road/BNSF Grade Separation projects, the Barker Road/I-90 project, the Harvard Road Bridge widening project, and the Henry Road overpass project have been carefully planned and funded. 

Several of these improvements are now on hold due to the passage of I-976. These projects are designed to improve public safety and quality of life for our residents through improved traffic flow, resulting in shorter commute times to and from work, school, and home, as well as safe movement of people and goods through our district.  

These projects create new jobs and business revenue, and prepare our district for future economic growth by enhancing access to potential commercial/industrial and mixed-use development. 

I will advocate for our District’s fair share of funding to get these essential projects back on track.  


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